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Episode 3: Colonics for Recovery from Acute Illness!!

Three individuals recount how colon hydrotherapy became an indispensable therapeutic tool in recovering from the onset of unexpected illness: a 75 year old woman with a severe eye infection on top of ...

Welcome to our Life Altering Modalities........Start with an Internal Bath

You DESERVE to be pampered – and we are the perfect destination for relaxation. Enjoy Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionic Foot Bath and other soothing services to calm, cleanse and create energy in your body.

Indulge in any of the following offerings:

  • Deep Cleansing Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
  • Amethyst Far Infrared Biomat
  • Detoxifying Ionic Foot Baths which include foot stimulation
  • Certified Body Ecology Consultations, Cooking Classes and Shopping Education Trips
  • Body Ecology Products including Cultured Drinks and Veggies
  • Ongoing Cutting Edge Seminars for Health & Prosperity

Can the 21st Century food we eat be dangerous to our health and well being? Yes! How Toxic are you?

Hormones, steroids, waxes, antibiotics, pesticides, additives, dyes, coloring preservatives, irradiation, not to mention, toxins in the environment from Geoengineering and numerous other sources. These toxins set off reactions in our bodies and cause a variety of health problems. It's not surprising that Cancer has become the plague of our time. Auto-immune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, candida, abdominal bloating, digestion problems, allergies, and skin disorders are now very common. Irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, and colitis are the number one leading cause for hospitalization in America. Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America today. We are the most advanced nation in the world today, yet we are still plagued by disease. 

Where do these diseases originate in our body?

"All dis-ease and illness begins in the colon."

Dr. Norman Walker, Author of Colon Health

"The goal of colonics is to cleanse and open the colon so that it works properly and naturally." 

~Donna Gates, Author of "The Body Ecology Diet"~

Treat yourself, your friends or family. Natural Body Institute gift certificates are available!

Fees are listed in the "About Us" section of this website. Please check them out before contacting us for an Evaluation Appt. with Trishna Craig.

Thank You Very Much and look forward to serving you in your new beginnings with HEALTH and PURIFICATION. 

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